Summer clutch bag

I particularly like the trend this summer of the bejewelled clutch bag – no more deliberating over jewellery – Can I wear these bangles with earrings?? – Is my jewellery too heavy for my summer dress??

Just grab your favourite jewel encrusted clutch bag and go.  It allows you to look care free and free-spirited through the summer months; more about lightness and spontaneity than well thought out grooming.

 Don’t clutter your look with an array of necklaces, earrings and scarves but merely enhance with a well chosen clutch. There are plenty of heirloom examples around, ones that will stay in your wardrobe for seasons to come.  Take a look in particular at and ultimately They have some amazing little clutches of all shapes and sizes. Some are quite a price! But stroll through the web site and gather ideas.

My favourite is a silver toned, studded clutch by Anndra Neen  as it is luxurious but a little understated; subtle. It rolls in at £530.  Maybe I coul convince myself that it would never date as it is a subtle piece and would be a part of my wardrobe forever…………….. or maybe I will keep it in my minds eye and find a bargain substitute.

As much as I love to drool over such gorgeous items I eventually put my ‘money head on’ and look for a cheaper but just as effective option and I have found some very pretty, chic,  inexpensive clutches.  Take a look at

The Marion weave clutch bag hits the spot for me at £55.00 and I also adore the little daisy pearl clutch bag at £60.00 for a very feminine look.

If you move quickly coast have a most gorgeous silver sequin clutch in their sale at a mere £29.00.

Happy shopping!

Diagonal Studded Clutch

Diagonal Studded Clutch







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