Size doesn’t matter

At Cleverbird there are no tape measures to be seen and certainly no scales.  All women have their own individual beauty.  Your size and shape are unique to you.  Choose the correct styles and colours for you and start to celebrate yourself.

Effortless style is not about squeezing into a size 12,14,10 or whatever, it is about wearing clothes that sit beautifully on your shape, not too tight and not too loose.  You should be able to fit a finger underneath a waistband, a zip should lie flat and side seams should hang straight with no horizontal creases.  If your bust is on the larger side it is important to accommodate it and ensure there is no pulling around this area on jackets, blouses and dresses.

If you enjoy a close fitting look then, by all means, embrace it but take care to notice that you stay on the right side of alluring!  It is often said that skirts and trousers should hang straight from the buttocks but if you have a gorgeous round derriere why not accentuate it? – make it a feature.  Some rules are meant to be broken….

If you are a gorgeous pear/triangle shape be aware that you may have to buy a larger size on the bottom than on the top.  In actual fact it is important for every woman not to get too attached to a certain size.  Sizes in shops vary tremendously.  What might be a 10 in one shop could fit like an 8 in another.

Forget the importance of shop sizing and, infact, cut out the size tag if you must when you get home!  Happy, carefree, size-free shopping!

Effortless Style

Cleverbird is all about thoughtful, tidy shopping and a thoughtful tidy wardrobe.

It is about the joy of shopping, the joy of storing and ultimately presenting and wearing clothes that enhance and inspire you. By entering into my website I know that you have a curiosity and an interest in colour and style and a desire to make a few changes; if not great changes!

Cleverbird is about being just a little bit clever and savvy when it comes to spending and re-inventing yourself.  With the aid of colour analysis (step one) shopping immediately becomes easier and less expensive.  Knowing the colours that give you sparkle and lift enables you to choose confidently so that you have less clothes hidden at the back of your wardrobe.

Style consultation (step two)goes hand in hand with colour analysis making shopping even easier still! With styling consultation in your pocket you can home in on styles immediately on walking into a daunting, large store.

If you want to be extremely savvy and money conscious it is a good idea to go along with cleverbird’s wardrobe cleanse (step three); checking for fabulous, flattering clothes that already lurk in your wardrobe.  Change a few buttons, alter a jacket with the aid of a reputable seamstress and you could save yourself a fortune.

 Check my needles and pins tab for ideas on how to store and care for your clothes. As all  clothing will be carefully chosen they should be stored in a way to keep them at their premium.