AG Gallery Bakewell


This winter I have looked at the contents of my wardrobe and decided I quite liked what I saw.  Some skirts and dresses I have had for years, some jumpers were a little newer and I didn’t feel the need to buy yet another cashmere cardigan (am I feeling ok??)!  But I felt everything needed a little lift and refresh.


By accident really, I stumbled into AG gallery in Bakewell, a shop devoted to selling intriguing jewellery.  Each glass cabinet holds an individual display. Infact it is worth going in just to admire how the pieces are presented; on Monday I saw delicate rings showcased  in a shallow bowl of lentils!  You must definitely go in.  Prices range from affordable to a little more expensive.  I have purchased a very creative choker type necklace featuring two hares for £21 to liven up my black winter woollens (so much cheaper than a new garment).


Take time to browse. If unsure ask Kelly if you may try on for sometimes the full impact of a piece is only revealed once it is on your finger or around your neck.

I fell in love with my hare choker once I had tried it on and I left feeling like I had read a really good novel…………..!