Bellissimo Buxton Derbyhsire

As part of my step one styling session I highly recommend that you take the plunge and get yourself properly measured for your bra, whatever your shape and size.  I took myself off to Bellissimo in Buxton and dared to reveal my dainty chest to Sue. In actual fact I didn’t seem to ‘bare all’ at any particular moment and I felt quite dignified throughout.  What I did discover was suprising and I didn’t think I COULD have any suprises being one of the less endowed!  Sue revealed to me that I was infact a 30A. Oh no! Even more problems I thought, but not so.  The lovely Sue is confident she can track me down one of her beautiful bras in such a size.

The measurement around the ribcage is apparently the most important bit to ensure a good fit and therefore it is important that I continue to seek out a 30A.  Having tried on several sizes in the shop I could actually see this for myself.


An everyday bra from Bellissimo may cost you about £56 and I will give you 3 good reasons why you are worth such an investment.

  1. The uplift a good bra provides will instantly change your body line; often changing ladies from a round, apple shape to a stunning full hourglass with alluring curves.
  2. The comfort provided by a top range bra is incredible.  The lace is handmade, soft and not at all scratchy and the wires are encased in 3 layers of fabric – ultra comfort.
  3. A wellmade bra will last 2 years but of course they must be handwashed with care.  You will indeed enjoy washing these garments as they are works of art!

Wander in and have a chat to Sue.  I never knew there was so much involved in choosing a bra.  Of course there are knickers, stockings and sensual sleepwear to lead you astray so try to keep your mind on your boobs!


Sue stocks Prima Donna, Elle Macpherson, Lise Charmel, Marie Jo and Simone Perele.



Christmas party dresses part three!

So, now it is the turn of the triangles, both triangle and inverted triangle.  The term inverted triangle always sounds a little derogatory to me but actually they have a fabulous ‘clothes hanger’ figure.  Inverted triangles are the ladies who have definite shoulders.  Their shoulders are straight and square and for this reason their top half can look a little larger than the bottom half.  Usually there is little definition between waist and hips and bottoms and hips tend to be a little flat.  For this reason clothing needs to be straight and uncluttered.  Low waisted dresses, shifts and empire lines show you to your best advantage.




These shift dresses are pretty stunning.  A drop waisted 1920′s style will also work wonders.







Empire lines show your figure off to its best advantage, giving the illusion of curves whilst drawing attention from the waist area.





A halter neckline, as shown in this gown, is very flattering for you.













Triangle ladies are what we originally would call the classic pear shape; a neat, trim top half, usually 1-3 sizes smaller than the bottom and full bottom and thighs.  When it comes to occasion dresses life becomes a little more complicated as separates usually suit pear ladies the best, purely because the top and bottom can vary in size.  However, I think that a classic 50′s style full skirted dress works wonders.  See what you think.  The detailing around the waist on this satin, black dress emphasises a tiny waist (most pear shapes have gorgeous waists).






The bodice of this dress is boned and definite whilst the skirt flows over the hips and bottom.












Triangle body shapes benefit by the addition of a little shrug to balance out their body lines.  There are some fabulous Christmas shrugs from fur to mohair and satin.

Christmas party outfits part two


So then, on to the neat and full hourglass figures.  What is the difference?  Well, one is more voluptuous than the other.  Any one with an hourglass body shape has all the curves they need and really it is a case of accentuating or ‘playing down’ depending on your mood.  I am a lean column and I can’t, for one minute, imagine wanting to play down a truly feminine shape but we all want what we haven’t got!

I love the simplicity of this colour block or monotone block dress.  The lace texture makes it luxurious and the high waist definition creates elegance.  It would look fabulous on a neat hour glass girl.





Dark florals are in this aut/winter and this full skirt dress by Joe Brown gives a more playful approach to dressing up at Christmas.  I like all the netting.  It coul also work for a lean column with the right underwear.








For a demure sophisticated look try this dark blue satin finish look. The pleat effect will mask any tum containing pudding.









For a more revealing evening I especially love this full length black gown.  The satin ribbon draws attention to the feminine curves of an hourglass figure.
















For the full hourglass lady it is important that the fabric is soft with a certain ability to drape and flatter.  Stiff fabrics can create a bigger outline.  Think jersey fabrics or lace with a stretch.  I adore this sexy red maxi and only wish I had the body to fill it!

The fabric of this black dress is soft and giving and the brocade accentuates the waist line.









Another elegant lace gown in midnight blue.








And for a final touch of real sophistication; a plain black jersey dress, great with  hair piled up and simple, but effective jewellery.

Christmas party outfits

Have you bought your Christmas party outfit?  There are so many stunning designs out there.  I spent the whole of yesterday morning in Debenhams , Manchester– I had no intention of being there so long but I was just transfixed by the many styles and colours displayed – something for everyone whatever your body shape.


This article is purely for lean column and rectangle body shapes.

What is the difference?  Not a lot really except that rectangles are a little wider all round.  Lean columns have narrow shoulders and lean limbs with a small bust, undefined waist and narrow hips, Rectangles have straight shoulder lines, straight hips and very little waist also.

Dresses need to give you femininity without drawing too much attention to lack of curves.  A lean column has to be careful not to look like a stick of liquorice and needs to add a little bulk to her form and so for an evening dress a little padded bra may be required, net underskirts and some good detailing and textures.


Look out for my following article featuring the neat and the full hourglass. It appears on the IDEAS page under STYLES FOR YOU

This beautiful satin finish occasion dress will give definition to a lean column trying to be a neat hourglass (that is me!).  A little help will be needed in the bra department but the bow sash helps to give the appearance of a waist.  This great dress by Quiz will also work for a lean column, however a little flesh to the upper body would be necessary!  The bejewelled bodice and netting give a little ‘bulk’ to a tiny frame.








The same theory is used for the little black dress by Jacques Vert.  The ruffles on the bodice provide a very feminine shape to a more angular body.








On to rectangles;I love this little Ben de Lisi tunic.  I saw it in the flesh in Debenhams and it was fabulous in purple – the little tabs of cloth flutter and give the dress a carefree party feel.









This tunic by Jasper Conran gives a light and airy feel to an angular/rectangular  body shape.