Watch out for Brora

The price of cashmere at Brora is dropping and dropping and now is the time to eye up  their sale.

The prices may still seem a little high but it is absolutely worth it – the colours are so beautiful.  More to the point, all the colours seem to blend well together. Items I bought from Brora several years ago sit amazingly well with current items – a bonus in my eyes.


Bags of style for the ‘natural’ dresser


People who adopt a natural style of dressing like to be comfortable first and foremost, often choosing clothes that are practical and easy to wear.  A ‘natural’ left to their own devices may wander off from time to time into the unadventurous; the jogging bottom, trainers and tshirt brigade.  Here is a little reminder that you can be just as ‘style aware’ as the other dramatic, chic ladies around you.  I have found a range of bags that might interest you.


The most obvious choice of handbag for a ‘natural’ lady may, infact, be the back pack or rucksack. So be it – much better for your posture and very practical. But these back packs that I have tracked down are also stylish and quirky. Take a look.

I particularly like this bag by Victorinox found in Selfridges.  It is £80 and comes in three shades, amber, black and red. It has many compartments and adequate space for a laptop it says.






For a more funky look there is this little number from Herschel, also found in Selfridges and described as the ideal choice for globe trotting urbanites!  It is made from durable cotton canvas and again has specific space for a laptop.



This aqua coloured back pack is also by Herschel, a similar theme but this colour is right on trend for the Spring/Summer!!




Okay, so you don’t want such a large bag; I have just the thing for you…


I love this messanger bag by Jost (Soho).  It is made from coated nylon (waterproof) and comes in three different sizes ranging from £79 – £129.  The fabric and finish make this product stylish.




For a more traditional ‘natural’ look I have presented you with some simple, classy, leather bags that are both chic and practical.  What do you think?


This is a beautiful leather bag from Mulberry, and yes it rolls in at £895 but say it quickly.  I bet  you would have this bag for life if that is any consolation…..






For an every day, shopping around town look how about this leather tote from Hobbs?

It is leather, embossed with a basket weave design and comes in two shades, natural and navy.  Yes, I know it is  £299 but like I said, leather is made to last…….








Money is not always so readily available and I love these little totes just as much (also from Hobbs)


They are a very attractive £15 each.

YIPPEE!  Happy shopping!

Too good to miss


I am busy researching stripes.  They are very prominent in Spring/Summer fashions.  I haven’t quite finished trawling the net but felt I must draw your attention to these two stunning items, both from East.



This is a gorgeous navy and white stripe coat in 100% heavy cotton.  It is 83cm in length and described by East as a ‘trans-season coat’. What more could you want?  It would look great worn open with jeans or fastened for a more formal look – a wonderful buy for a ‘natural’ style type who would like to be a little bit more ‘chic’. It rolls in at £125.00.





I bet you can guess that part of my style personality is classic chic for I fall in love with anything that looks a little Chanel, a little twin set-ish!

I so love this East jacket at £89.00. It is also made of 100% heavy cotton and measures 60cm.  I may have to buy it as I am a ‘clear’ colour type and thus suit colours in contrast. I am thinking hard…..