My sale favourites


Sale buying depends very much on your style personality (see Step one of Effortless style).  If you are the dramatic kind you will want to be up there with the latest trends, always on the look out for the item of the moment.  You can still ‘sale shop’!  On my TRENDS page I have written an article indicating the winter2012 styles that will continue into Spring. Take a look , be a little penny conscious and browse the sale rails.

This little grey jacket from Hobbs for example is a delight being only £50 in the sale.  The peplum and pleating is very similar to the Spring/Summer 2013 Dior.







Spring/Summer 2013 Chanel is all about wind turbines, falling pollen and solar panels (seemingly). I get it. Cast your eyes over their catwalk show.




I found this monochrome gilet by Mint Velvet, a snip at £79.  Monochrome is a definite up and coming trend so keep your eyes peeled.  For some reason this Mango jacket (£49 in sale) reminds me of the Chanel mood and could easily take you through the Spring (and summer if you are with me in the North!).






Dior featured black tuxedo jackets dressed up with a single scarf knotted at the neck.

Dior Spring/Summer2013

All Saints provide you with a very similar jacket in their sale; the  Valkerie Tuxedo now at £125.







For the more ‘Classics’ among you that love a ‘good coat’ and a cashmere sweater that will last I have found the following. Firstly, a beautiful olive green wool coat by Windsmoor, in the sale at £129!  The style will not date and would be terrific for those with a rectangular shape, so very elegant.. Of course, don’t forget the Brora sale for beautiful subtle shades in cashmere.  All Saints have some fabulous items in the sale. Take for instance, this gorgeous classic cape with antique brass features and beautiful bound edges. It has been reduced from £250 to £125.  I think this subtle boiled wool cape from East at £79 also takes some beating.  It is perfect for ladies that fall into the ‘round’ category.






Leather and embellished items will always be worth buying.  For the ‘creative dressers’ amongst you what about this stunning coat from East?  Or this purple dress coat from C&C, totally creative at £59.90.  I can imagine Helena Bonham Carter wearing this. I love it.







Romantics can certainly celebrate the sales by seeking out all of the aut/winter outerwear in pastel shades; pastel coats are still alive and well for the Spring.  I love this pinky/beige jacket in the Oasis sale.  The drapes are very romantic. Or what about this pastel coat from Warehouse £120?

I could go on and on, delighting in what the January saleshave to offer but I guess enough is enough!  I am going to search around for Stripes now.

Grab a bag for the summer

Dolce and Gabbana are heading for the sun………









Dior are staying pretty with pastels…..










Louis Vuitton is checking it all out!!









And Chanel are just having fun.










I love this little green ‘lego’ bag by Chanel


Christmas Dresses Part Four

So, finally but certainly not least, apple or round ladies…..

Round ladies may bemoan the fact that their waists are not particularly in evidence but I have to say all round ladies have fabulous legs and, on the whole, great cleavages. It comes as no surprise that any dress that concentrates on the cleavage and a show of leg will work best for you. This little tunic with the neckline detail will be great for a petite apple. Choose fabulous tights to make the most of it!









Full skirts (if made of fine material) are flattering. This grey dress is not necessarily full but the soft gathers can disguise a rounded midriff.











The glitzy detailing on this occasion dress works well if it sits just under the bust, rather than hitting the waist.












In contrast, a shift that hangs from the shoulders can look amazing especially when paired with lacy patterned tights. In fact you can go to town with your hosiery to add attention to your best feature. Ensure your shift dress finishes about the knee.










This flapper dress draws attention to both the bust and the legs.









This shift is absolutely beautiful, floaty and feminine.

Dresses with detail and embellishment around the neckline and bust area will draw the eye up, towards your bust and cleavage so that there is not quite so much attention on your tummy. I think larger ladies think that black is best, Not so! Bold colours work very well for you.