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Book in for an afternoon or morning with me, here in Buxton.

Together we will look at the vast range of colours that are just perfect for you – the shades that will flatter your skin tone and make the most of your hair and eyes – the colours that will, infact, bring you to life.  If you have always felt dissatisfied with how you look the chances are you are just choosing the wrong shades and tones for you.  The right colours can actually make you look, and therefore feel, years younger.

Colour can make or break an outfit/wardrobe and mistakes with colour can cost.  The items that you have bought but never worn will undoubtably be of the wrong colour, ageing and unflattering.

We will also look together at colour matching to create your own unique style and to help refine and define your image. The correct use of colour can re-balance your body shape, making legs appear longer, waists smaller and so forth.  It is all very fascinating!

Individual style and colour go hand in hand and we will also take some time to discuss how you want to appear to the world – what colours and styles best express who you really are.

Colour is quite a powerful tool in life.  Get to know yours!

Having completed this half day session you will be able to choose clothes more carefully, only buying what is perfect for you. This saves a fortune and actually creates more space in your wardrobe.

A half day colour session with Cleverbird will take as long as you need.  All colours that are recommended for you will be provided for you to keep. After the colour session I am always on hand for advice on a purchase!

Total price £140. 

I look forward to hearing from you



(Trained by Colour me Beautiful)

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