Flirting with the past.


My personal style can range dramatically, I love the simplicity of skinny jeans matched with a close fitting cable knit, recently I have toyed with a very classic look, using the present ‘seaside’ stripes as an inspiration but there are days when Mitsouko or Vol de Nuit come out to play, hanging  heavy in the bedroom air and I long for old-fashioned romance, stockings and an elegant dress.  My imaginary purchase today is this beautiful dress from Coast.  She is named Loula and rolls in at £115.00 – sizes 6-18.















In my dreams I would wear my hair like so;






And of course I would shroud myself in mystery with my most favourite Vol de Nuit!




A quick dash into Ted Baker


This summer Ted Baker is pampering all ‘Inverted Triangle’ Ladies or should I say all ladies that carry gorgeous, strong shoulders.  As the shoulders are already strong it is important not to empahsise them too much as this will lead to a certain ‘top heavy’ appearance.  No puffed sleeves, shoulder pads or big collars for you.  Strapless dresses, fine straps and  a sporty line look just perfect. See what you think to these Ted Baker creations.















My encounter with Guerlain at John Lewis Cheadle



Having spent some time the previous Saturday with Sharon on the Guerlain counter exploring the many stories held secretively in each bottle of Guerlain perfume I was more than ready for my make up session – here was a lady passionate about her work and I knew I was in safe hands.

I arrived bare faced and slightly awkward, it is suprising how accustomed one becomes to mascara, eyeliner and other trimmings!


Sharon, cleansed, toned and moisturized my face and then applied the most decadent looking skin primer I have ever seen with gold flakes suspended in a clear serum/gel, excellent for radiance I was told – and so it was.  I actually felt that I could brave the day without a trace of foundation, just an application of

L’Or radiance concentrate.


Together we explored eyeshadow combinations, the merits of bronzer(something I had never used before) and meteorites perles – delicately shaded powder balls that add  youthful glow to the skin.





The shades for summer are a delight, bold for the ‘clear ‘colour types and beautiful soft pinks and muted tones for the more ‘soft’ colour types.  Lipsticks were in abundance and I chose   Shine Automatique in shade 221; a cross between a lipstick and a gloss, having the consistency of lipstick with an added sheen. It is playfully described by Guerlain as a ‘light reflecting cocktail’ and I would say that is just about perfect!




I will refrain from describing my session step by step, suffice to say Sharon listened carefully to all my requirements and personal ideas on how I ‘wanted look’. This, I find, can be rare when visiting a make-up counter. I also felt under no pressure to purchase (now that is unusual) and came away with little testers for skin care – a bonus.

Guerlain make up is packaged with romance, femininity and luxury in mind. I love it.  Everytime I retrieve my gold cased lipstick from my bag I am reminded that ‘I am worth it!” (ouch – cliché!!)


Secret delights at the Guerlain counter




From time to time, well quite a lot of the time, I yearn for nostalgia, romance and  tales of unrequited, tragic love.  I have vivid memories of my Grandmother’s dressing table, neatly laid with embossed silver hairbrushes, decorative powder compacts, elegant lipsticks and hidden love letters.  Times change and time moves on but such is the intoxication of my memory that I never leave John Lewis without a surreptitious look at the Guerlain counter; I say surreptitious as I feel like a naughty child running my hands over my Grandmother’s expensive perfume bottles.

Guerlain is perfect for all who like a personal scent and the most beautifully adorned dressing table. To me, Guerlian are the Gods of the perfume world, each creation truly individual, each one telling a story.  If you research their perfume range you will indeed find that each one has a story; tragic love affair, passion set in India, a dalliance with the Impressionists and stories of Sultans and their beautiful daughters.  I am transported! Many, like Shalimar have been around since 1925; so cleverly crafted that they hold true to their form long after being applied.

The bottles too are works of art, a Mitsouko bottle has its own distinctive outline, one that speaks of nostalgic pride. I love the honey comb effect on the newer bottle design, so luxurious.







On Saturday I was busy stroking the bottles when I was pleasantly interrupted by Sharon the Manager of the Guerlain counter at John Lewis, Cheadle (she did not seem put off by my strange behaviour!) I talked rapturously about my love affair with Mitsouko and Shalimar Initial and whilst listening to my rantings she steered me onto the Aqua Allegoria range, all decorated with a golden honeycomb and all much lighter in weight.  Sharon really understood the construction of her perfumes and presented me with Pamplelune a fresh scent that was perfect on my skin. It includes notes of grapefruit, bergamot, blackcurrant, petitgrain, patchouli and vanilla and is altogether delicious and fresh.

I was impressed by her knowledge and love of the Guerlain products and booked in for a make up session with her the following week.

Take a look at my report on this makeup session in my GREAT FINDS section.