Shopping after a Colour Consultation

Once armed with your unique colour palette it can be a little daunting to head out and purchase new garments for your wardrobe.   I am always happy to check over your recent purchases before you snip off the price tag.  I am also quite happy to accompany you on a shopping trip, whether on foot or by internet.

 (price to be discussed).




Your unique body

Before beginning the journey to find your own personal style it is important to know your body; to understand your body shape, whether you have strong shoulders, a curvaceous line, a small elfin shape and so on.   It is only when you are well aquainted with the length of your waist, size of your hips, length of leg etc that you will begin to make the correct choices.

For example a person who is challenged in the leg department would not particularly look at her best in cropped trousers and a woman with a short waist would do well to choose a longer length top.

The internet is littered with advice on determining your body type so take a look if you are unsure.  My little diagram below may help.  Whilst fully trained in this area I prefer to concentrate on colour.  Whatever your body shape correct colour choice should be your main concern.  It can slim down areas, enhance others and add essential personality to your unique wardrobe. A lady with a traditional pear shape would look at her very best with darker colours on the lower half and her favourite colours on the top and an in-depth understanding of your colours can lead to fabulous colour and print combinations that make you instantly recognisable.



What is style?


I prefer to think that dress is a means of creating an identity for oneself. Dress allows us to open up to people and transmit our image, ourselves.

Every one must find their own best thing: It can be anything from a pair of jeans which one has lived moments of powerful magic, to a jacket that shows off one’s figure fantastically, or a dress that brings good luck.

Maxime Simoens – designer


You have to look at yourself, understand your body, work out which aspects of it need to be emphasized, find what goes best with your skin tone and the colour of your hair. Who would you want to be? What do you wish to express?

Christophe Lemaire – artistic director Hermes.


I choose my clothes on the principle of the coup de coeur.  I couldn’t care less about labels.  If I like it, I’ll buy it. Cult items don’t interest me.

Agnes Poulle – fashion editor


Fashion fades. Only style remains the same.

Coco Chanel


Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.

Coco Chanel


This last quote probably plays the greatest role for me.  I believe in comfort; the comfort of luxurious, natural fibres, well fitting shoes (worth paying for), a warm winter coat and clothes that fit comfortably, without being too tight.  Does that make me seem very proper and unadventurous? I hope not. Any of the above can be extravagant, quirky, beautifully see-through and unbelievably high as long as they offer a pain free day.  A stunning outfit complete with shoes can be totally ruined by a face grimacing with pain and discomfort – not attractive!


Before exploring style it is a good idea to have a thorough knowledge of the ‘colours for you’ and an honest acceptance of your unique body shape.  If you are unsure please book an appointment to see me.  You may be surprised!


Finding your own personal style is an ever unfolding journey, self exploration at its very best.  You must become your own very best ‘fan’ and collect images/leaflets/photographs/films that inspire you.

An afternoon with Cleverbird will certainly set you on your journey and we will explore images and ideas together

Makepiece – Fabulous knitwear in Buxton


I have a continual, never ending love affair with wool – which is a shame because I can’t knit!  Actually I can knit scarves and tea cosies but nothing more adventurous.  Imagine my delight when Makepiece opened in Buxton – an enticing, cleanly decorated little shop selling the most original fine knit wear. Although the shop appears small I believe you could actually fulfill all your wardrobe needs from these rails; delicate shrugs in many designs, lacy tunics, fine scarves, headbands, the most breathtaking wedding dresses and heavy knits for the colder months.

Beate (the lady behind it all and behind the counter!) will certainly inspire you. Take a look at what she is wearing when you pop in. I now realize that wool looks superb all over!

Beate wears amazing combinations of knit skirts, knit leggings, shrugs and tunics.

For me, Makepiece has taken the ‘knitting pattern’ look out of knitting.  The range is modern, stylish and most certainly unique.  The colours are what my Grandmother would have called ‘good, expensive”. They are fresh.  Even the delicate creams and lilacs are fresh.  I am always drawn to the stunning pomegranate red and the rich teal blue.



I have just taken a break in my writing and strolled on down to the shop; whilst browsing it has dawned on me that Makepiece solves a specific problem for women as we mature – ARMS, more importantly upper arms.  The shrugs that they display come in a variety of pretty lacy patterns and in a variety of colours, something for every colour type but more importantly these shrugs allow you to wear sleeveless tops and dresses without being concerned about the awkward upper arm area. Fabulous.







If you are reading this and thinking ‘what is wrong with my upper arms?’ do not worry but buy the shrugs anyway as they can alter an outfit in an instant but if arms are the bane of your life then I think you will be more than pleased.

Just a little aside, below are some of the sheep that provide the wool for the more hardier knits. I like a good story!

You will find Makepiece in The Quadrant Buxton and also in Hebden Bridge.