Is pink just PINK?

Are you thinking ‘pink is just pink’??

Think again and click on the following link to Pure Collection.



This page lifts my soul and shows every reason why it is important to know your colour type.  There are warm and cool pinks, warm and cool greens and so on.  Take a look..


For pink inspiration take a look at Chanel’s Autumn/Winter 2016/17 collection.




Simone Rocha


This Spring/Summer there are some beautifully flattering ideas that involve sheer fabrics, light as air worn in folds, over camisole layers or indeed daringly revealing!


I have been doing a little experimenting and this welcome play on ‘the see-thru’ is flattering for all; it skims over angular shoulders, softening a more boyish frame, adds whimsical volume to a petite shape and flatters a larger lady by adding a whispy layer to difficult areas.

See what you think to the following photos; I know they are cat walk shots but a great deal of inspiration can be gained.



Ellie Saab

Paul Smith

Nina Ricci



The feel good factor of wool

I took this wool article from the Makepiece web page. Not only is fine wool cosy to wear it fits the feminine form far better that any jersey fabric or lycra.  Not sure? Nip down to Makepiece in Buxton and have a try on – there is no pressure to buy.  I love the fact that wool is stain resistant but also that it is biodegradable! Of course it is! But I had never really considered that factor before…………….


Why wool?

Sustainable and lovely!

British wool is a fibre with a clean conscience.  Wool is sustainable – with relatively few environmental issues compared to intensively farmed cotton or petrochemical based materials.

When farmed in the UK we can safely say that there’s proper animal protection and employment rights, not to mention a minimum of road miles from sheep to shop.  Recent legislation limits chemicals that can be used in farming to a minimum.


Wool is natural and easy to wear – it breathes and doesn’t get clammy.  In fact, wool can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in water without feeling damp.


At the end of its useful life, wool is fully biodegradeable.



In praise of wool

Just a little article from Vogue Feb 14

Wool – Making its Mark

Signs and symbols inundate our everyday lives, so it takes something special to stand out from the crowd.  The Woolmark is case in point.  Since its inception in 1964, the Woolmark has appeared on more than 5 billion products, from the high street to haute couture.  Much more than just a logo, it is an internationally recognised hallmark of quality – a guarantee that any fabric that carries it has been made with an entirely  natural, renewable and biodegradable resource, Merino wool.

Its consistent high performance, versatility and natural elasticity unsurprisingly makes it a fashion industry favourite too, with many a  designer – from Jonathan Saunders to Richard James – discovering its generous rewards once they’ve got it on the cutting table.  The absorbent nature of the fibres guarantees an intensity of colour that eludes other knitwear, while its ability to be draped and hung, sculpted and pinned in lined with the designer’s vision makes it an essential element of modern, ready to wear, bespoke pieces.

For the wearer, the benefits are endless.  Stain resistant and naturally crease fee, Merino makes for a travel essential – from the international fashion shows to weekends away, we all need something that we can simply slip on and be ready.

With such artisanal heritage and impeccable credentials, no wonder Woolmark is in a league of its own.  In 50 years it has established a reputation worth revelling in.