Oranges for Autumn

You can’t miss it – orange is everywhere this Autumn providing a wonderful splash of colour amongst the greys and browns. Bright oranges really suit the ‘Clear and Warm’ people whilst the more subtle tangerines and softer shades should add an up to date look for the ‘Soft and Warm’ amongst you.  The summer sales (check Pure Collection) have a very light tangerine shade for those that require the lightest of shades near the face.

Here are a few of my favourites.

Roksanda Ilincic


Stella McCartney

Valentino Dress


Orla Kiely





John Lewis

Marc Jacobs



La Perla everyday!

I am not a fan of T.shirt bras.  I have bought them in the past at twenty something pounds a go……………hmmmmmm.  I agree they were affordable and looked initially pretty.  However, after a few washes, I felt decidedly deflated!  The fabric looked unappealing and a little scruffy.  I felt ordinary.  I have to say, in defence of my unappealing bras, I did not wash them with loving care – they were £20 and my life was hurried.

With a little more financial outlay and a little more tenderness in the laundry department you can have every day underwear that can bring out the best in you, even on a taxing day!









These little gems are from the La Perla Basic Sophia range and cost from £79.00 to £19.00 and come in white, pink and black. Bras are available in a variety of styles and knickers may be brazilian, briefs or strings.





I love this little option – but it does come in at a little more expensive…..

Brassiere in beige, white or black – £220.00

Underwear just for you

This little snippet is taken from an article in the recent Harper’s Bazaar.

‘La Perla knows so well how to mix elegance and seduction with comfort.  Perhaps this is because it was founded by a woman, the corset-maker Ada Masotti, known in Bologna s ‘Golden Scissors’ for her ability to cut and tailor underpinnings.’

I certainly think a lot of underwear brands miss the point. All designs seems too blatant and too obvious.  This bra, however, is beautifully subtle and alluring. It can be worn both with straps and without. The colour is well considered. The peach toned slip is constructed from Georgette and satin and the decollete is covered in tiny pearls all hand sewn using a soutache techninique.

Now this little number is certainly daring and most definitely revealing but maintains an air of sophisticated seduction. It shows a corset effect at its very best.  It is available in black but somehow loses its appeal unless in this sexy, flesh tone.

Graphique slip – La Perla

Graphique couture – La Perla

La Perla is by no means a budget buy but it will last when treated with care.

‘Good lingerie is the quintessence of femininity and secrecy is part of the pleasure.’

Harper’s Bazaar October 2014