About me



About me

I have trained as a personal stylist with Europe’s leading Image Consultancy.

My Personal Style; Changeable, depending on mood!

In my wardrobe you will find; wool of all varieties and colours and garments dating as far back as 15 years.  You should fall in love with a garment before buying. It will last you a life-time!

My perfume;  Shalimar. Halfeti. Hammam Bouquet.

Recent splurge; A Whistles sundress.

Style philosophy; Embrace your colours.

Clothes, to me, are like a second skin and need to be chosen with great care. Think of the comfort of cashmere, the caress of silk, security of tweed and the smell of leather.  The right clothing adds another pleasurable dimension to your every day life.

Prior to Cleverbird I spent many years working in and managing my own massage business; the resounding message that came through to me day in, day out, was that every woman is unique with their own kind of personal grace. BUT most of my clients failed to believe this, holding tight to stereotyped images of beauty. Fake tan was applied, full make up was essential – but underneath the layers I could see individual beauty that just needed the right colour to bring it alive.


Body shapes, skin types and colouring take many forms and the skill to looking good is accepting what you have been given and making the most of it; making your own self more special and beautiful.  I so enjoyed encouraging and inspiring women to express their own beauty that I continued onwards, to train as a colour and personal stylist. And here I am today, loving every moment of my work. I specialise in colour work for colour is an immensely powerful tool when wishing to rejuvenate your face and embrace a unique style.

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