Spring Showers



I am waiting for Spring and lazily weighing up the trench coat options.


There are some fabulous designs this year. Hobbs provide the traditional trench coat in some absolutely stunning colours


whilst Toast have a trench that will happily sit over a woolen layer.



My favourite is this little coat from ME+EM. The three-quarter length sleeves allow for a flash of colour at the wrist





I am so tired of reading articles that advocate ‘decluttering’ a wardrobe, of culling all clothes not worn in the past 6 months or year at the latest.  What a waste and how tragic.

The ‘four pile’ approach of

.Keep   .Mend   .Donate   .Throw

……….Works to a degree.


But what about


.Buy with real thought   .Love   .Mend   .Store carefully



Using this as a guideline all guilt is removed from shopping, it is certainly a much more cost effective way of building a wardrobe and you will have a varied, extensive selection of clothes.

Today I am wearing a skirt that is 15 years old.  It is an old French Connection piece bought in London whilst visiting my cousin.  I still love it.  It doesn’t come out every year but every other year it has an airing.  This Spring I am wearing it with a newly aquired Brora mohair cardigan in electric blue.  I chose the cardigan with the skirt in mind.


There is a trick to running this kind of wardrobe


.Ensure that you really fall in love with each item bought. Do not hand over any money unless you cannot live without the garment.  This is key.

.Make sure that the colour flatters your skin tone.

.Wash and mend items with love and care

.Store well

.Take photographs of all items and create an album, whether digitally or in print form. 


Each change in season I remind myself of what I already own.  This Spring I have brought out two pairs of linen trousers in brown.  I have to admit they haven’t made it to the wardrobe in three years but this time round I LOVE  them.  My style can fluctuate from year to year. They match beautifully with a linen jacket from last summer Toast. Contrary to what you may imagine my wardrobe is not full to bursting for I select certain items each season.  I may rotate clothes from storage to wardrobe several times during that season but my wardrobe is never crushingly full for, at this point, you cannot see the woods for the trees!  You find you have literally nothing to wear when the doors of the wardrobe will not close.


This kind of wardrobe management may not be for everyone but I just love to go ‘shopping’ in my storage cases.  I can create a whole new look without handing over my money.  More importantly I have fallen in love with every item that I own.  Nothing is wasted. AND I am never at a loss for something to wear.



This approach DOES require good management and good storage – and that is all.

A colour to die for

It is not often that I find a colour that sings to me.  My complexion requires quite a ‘true’ colour, not just bold but pure.  Wearing the exact, perfect shade next to your face will transform you inside and out.  A glow emits.

Brora mohair

Here is my blue, in all its glory.  It may not be for you but there is certainly one out there if you look hard enough.

Blush pink at ME+EM


For the lighter/cooler colour types there is a delightful sugary blush pink hiding amongst the other brighter summer colours.

At Me+Em they have two stunning garments in this shade.









I adore this little top, such a simple design, so easy to wear either with jeans or with white palazzo pants.  It will be easy to maintain and won’t really require an iron.

The second is a tiered garden party dress, slightly less pink and more blush.  It reminds me of a tea rose.   Again this is an easy style to wear, especially when the days are hot and close in the height of the summer season.