Best foot forward

Did you know that, according to Vogue, the best dressed toes this summer are nude and naked?

After seasons of bold, loud colours clean – gleaming nails may seem chic but a little understated.  Soft, cared for feet are the way to go.  You may think that you are off the hook (no more immaculate application of varnish) but this very natural look requires baby soft feet and perfectly manicured nails.  On the plus – no more chipped polish, no dilemma over clashing with nail colour. Simple!

Here are a few helpful links and sites to help you on your way.  After months of polish nails can just look a little jaded and yellow especially if you have not been vigilant with the base coat.  Try this product for a fresher looking toe!  I love this site.  Beautifully packaged care products for the feet.  There is even an engaging step by step guide to completing your own pedicure. Before you leave the Mavala site click on this implements page. I was not aware you could buy so many different types of scissors……

Don’t forget to exercise your feet  Gentle rotation and massage keeps a good blood supply to the nails keeping them pink and healthy.  Massage, particularly lymphatic massage prevents fluid gathering around the feet and ankles, ensuing shapely  legs.

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