Calling all modern day Romantics!

Come in please your time is now!


Having completed the colour me beautiful styling questionnaire I discovered to my relief that I was a ‘mish-mash’ of style personalities.  Why to my relief??  Well, I am, by nature a little non-conformist and having lived with myself for many, many years I know that I am never the same two days running.  I skip between wanting to wear 1940 ‘spy style’ classics to desiring intricate lace detailing and then jumping full length into a coquettish pixie/tomboy look.  Phew, it is hard shopping for me, but exciting nevertheless.  Any way, to get to the point, I have to say I was bowled over by Chloe Spring/Summer 2013 range.  It seemed to tick all my boxes whilst being slanted heavily towards modern day romance.  See what you think……





I think these cropped trousers are feminine and romantic but without restriction; they inspire a natural, free moving femininity.  Take away the heels and you can create an easy going ‘pixie’ look.




This is a truly ‘girlie’ skirt but the elegant edge is counteracted by the white shorts underneath.  Need to sprint quickly (for some reason)? Whip off the heels and away you go.  I absolutely love it!







On a more somber note, you could head into work in either of these outfits.  Pleated, cropped trousers and little red patent flat shoes – so comfortable.


Romantic – yes. But so relaxed and easy to wear.  Fluffy but casual.








On a more down to earth note – are you thinking “Oh no! I need to be 20 something to do this!”

I agree that maybe I would not wear the little flower skirt ( I may just hang it in the wardrobe and look at it!) but certainly every other piece is infinitely wearable, the pleated cropped trousers, good for a variety of body shapes whether worn with heels or flats; the loose, elegant striped blouse, good for gentle round shapes, the raglan sleeves working a treat for inverted triangles; and the loose sheer flower blouse gives body to lean columns when worn over a pretty camisole..



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