Care of your denim

I found this article by chance whilst pondering whether to use fabric conditioner with my new denim skirt.  I hope you find it interesting….

I treat my jeans with the utmost of care. I would definitely rescue them in the chance of fire. They are important to me like a loyal Labrador is important to his owner. With that said, it is imperative that I take special care when it comes to the maintenance of my denim. Here are some tips to keeping your favorite jeans fantastic forever!

Always turn your jeans inside out. This is a simple act, but a very rewarding one when it comes to dark denim. By flipping your jeans inside out at wash time, you will conserve the indigo dye of your dressy dark jeans.

Wash in COLD water on DELICATE setting. It may seem frustrating to devote an entire load of laundry to denim on COLD/DELICATE, but I assure you, my friends, that it will be worth it. The cold temperatures will keep the elastane and spandex elements of the jeans from over-heating and thus resulting in a “stretched-out” look. Delicate will keep the agitation to a minimum, preserving the very threads of your denim (especially if they are distressed to begin with).

Forget the Dryer. Denim and Dryers are not the friends. Dryers result in over-heating of the spandex and elastane elements of denim, thus altering the original shape of the jean. If you feel the need to dry for shrinking purposes, I would recommend finding a good tailor instead.

Skip the Fabric Softener. Working in a high-end denim boutique, I saw many un-wanted rips occur in un-wanted places. The problem always came back to the same variable. Fabric Softener. The softener does just that, it softens the fabric to a point where the durability of the denim is not longer there and the fabric rips when pressure is applied. Denim was made to be rugged and a little bit stiff. Over time, the threads will naturally conform to your figure and soften on their own. Resist the urge to throw the ball in…it could end up costing you.

Clean Freaks Need Not Apply. Don’t wash your denim unless you have to. What I mean by that is, don’t wash your jeans every time that you wear them. If you spill coffee on your J Brands or spend hours in a smoke filled bar, please, by all means, throw them in the washing machine; but, if you wear them out to dinner and did not spill – then hang them carefully back in the closet and wear them again. This technique will increase the life of your favorite denim!

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