Colour offers perfection.

A woman or man may choose a most fabulous outfit but if in the wrong colour or shade perfection is lost.

I seek perfection in others – that is my job and my passion.


As time passes it is important to be aware of and embrace the colours and shades of colour that work with you rather than against you.  Correct shades magically transform, offering youth and vitality. The contrary is also true.


Embrace colour and embrace yourself!


Is pink just PINK?

Are you thinking ‘pink is just pink’??

Think again and click on the following link to Pure Collection.



This page lifts my soul and shows every reason why it is important to know your colour type.  There are warm and cool pinks, warm and cool greens and so on.  Take a look..


For pink inspiration take a look at Chanel’s Autumn/Winter 2016/17 collection.