Winter inspiration from Miu Miu


Normally by this point in the year, and infact much earlier, I have written umpteen enthusiastic reports about Autumn/Winter collections but this year I just felt a little bored – that is until I explored the Miu Miu collection.  Throughout the summer I have ummed and aahhed about the whole theme of clashing patterns and colours; colours yes but patterns no.  I just never really felt comfortable.  But then Miu Miu bring out a spots and stripes combination and I am blown away. Stripes attract me and I just adored D&G summer collection.  This beautiful collection is like the icing on the cake – a touch of Edwardian romance with a rebellious streak!








I think this look is so simple and easy to create.





The big selling point for me is that all attention is either down on the feet or up around the face( the spotted neckties are very engaging).I think the ideas from Miu Miu are instantly wearable especially if you are feeling just a little bored and just a tad cheeky.

Welcome to Spring/Summer 2013


Welcome to Spring/Summer 2013.

If you are a ‘clear’ colour type you are going to be spoilt for choice and I have a feeling your wardrobe will double in size!  Why? – Well Spring/Summer is all about bright, clear, neon shades; bold shades with the upmost clarity, all essential for a ‘clear’ colour type.  Not only are you given the eye-popping shades but you have  monochrome in abundance; stripes of all widths and sizes and prints in bold black and white, chequerboard squares.  It is essential for ‘clear’ colour types to wear their colours in contrast so what more can I say, Spring/Summer 2013 is ‘your time’!















Do not dismay if you are of a ‘soft’ or’ light’ colour type for the catwalks have thought about you too.   Pastels also hold their own, appearing alongside the bright and the bold.  To emphasize the light and the airy,  sheer fabrics flit through many designs giving the idea /illusion that summer is just around the corner..(illusion or should I say delusion..I’m just trying to remember my last summer….)















Dolce and Gabbana have really homed in on the idea of summer heat and, along with their breathtaking stripes, a rich coral persists, reminding me of Spanish summer heat.  This is helped along by their vast range of what I call ‘holiday bags’, little wicker and raffia baskets that can be found down near the beach.









There are little gems for every style personality this season.  The dramatic and creatives can indulge in the daring squares and geometric boldness of Louis Vuitton, the romantics (at least the modern romantics) may fall in love with Chloe and Dior.
















The Classics amongst you, I’m sure, will be mesmerized by Chanel(remember to push your boundaries a little)

and all the natural style ladies may gain inspiration from Jil Sander, stylish but so easy to wear.














The ‘city chic’ style types?? Well you know what to do I’m sure!  You will pick the best from all there is to offer, you adore all that is current, sophisticated and stylish.  So much to choose from. Watch out for my next article on Spring/Summer in the high street.

Calling all modern day Romantics!

Come in please your time is now!


Having completed the colour me beautiful styling questionnaire I discovered to my relief that I was a ‘mish-mash’ of style personalities.  Why to my relief??  Well, I am, by nature a little non-conformist and having lived with myself for many, many years I know that I am never the same two days running.  I skip between wanting to wear 1940 ‘spy style’ classics to desiring intricate lace detailing and then jumping full length into a coquettish pixie/tomboy look.  Phew, it is hard shopping for me, but exciting nevertheless.  Any way, to get to the point, I have to say I was bowled over by Chloe Spring/Summer 2013 range.  It seemed to tick all my boxes whilst being slanted heavily towards modern day romance.  See what you think……





I think these cropped trousers are feminine and romantic but without restriction; they inspire a natural, free moving femininity.  Take away the heels and you can create an easy going ‘pixie’ look.




This is a truly ‘girlie’ skirt but the elegant edge is counteracted by the white shorts underneath.  Need to sprint quickly (for some reason)? Whip off the heels and away you go.  I absolutely love it!







On a more somber note, you could head into work in either of these outfits.  Pleated, cropped trousers and little red patent flat shoes – so comfortable.


Romantic – yes. But so relaxed and easy to wear.  Fluffy but casual.








On a more down to earth note – are you thinking “Oh no! I need to be 20 something to do this!”

I agree that maybe I would not wear the little flower skirt ( I may just hang it in the wardrobe and look at it!) but certainly every other piece is infinitely wearable, the pleated cropped trousers, good for a variety of body shapes whether worn with heels or flats; the loose, elegant striped blouse, good for gentle round shapes, the raglan sleeves working a treat for inverted triangles; and the loose sheer flower blouse gives body to lean columns when worn over a pretty camisole..