A colour to die for

It is not often that I find a colour that sings to me.  My complexion requires quite a ‘true’ colour, not just bold but pure.  Wearing the exact, perfect shade next to your face will transform you inside and out.  A glow emits.

Brora mohair

Here is my blue, in all its glory.  It may not be for you but there is certainly one out there if you look hard enough.

Blush pink at ME+EM


For the lighter/cooler colour types there is a delightful sugary blush pink hiding amongst the other brighter summer colours.

At Me+Em they have two stunning garments in this shade.









I adore this little top, such a simple design, so easy to wear either with jeans or with white palazzo pants.  It will be easy to maintain and won’t really require an iron.

The second is a tiered garden party dress, slightly less pink and more blush.  It reminds me of a tea rose.   Again this is an easy style to wear, especially when the days are hot and close in the height of the summer season.

Looking radiant in Toast.


If you are seriously intent on finding the perfect clothes for you colour must always take precedent over shape and style.  The style may be just the very thing you are looking for but if the colour is wrong you will always look tired and a little jaded.  You will probably find that the item never really comes out of the wardrobe.

My eyes are feasting on www.toa.st at the moment.  They are running the most gorgeous shade of blue that rescues me from the winter blues and lack of sleep.

This colour is not for every one of course but as you become well aquainted with your own set of ‘wonder colours’ you will be able to spot the perfect item at 50 paces!