About Cleverbird Colour Consultation

AA Colour Consultation provides you with a life changing experience.

Two to three hours are devoted entirely to you.  Endless fabric colour swatches of all colours and hues are matched against your hair, eyes and skin as we search for the shades that bring you to life.

It is not necessary to embrace a great rainbow of colours.  You can choose to have a fairly monochrome selection but still you need to understand which white, beige, grey, black, brown etc to buy.  White is certainly not just white as you will see at your Colour Consultation.

Perfect daylight is created with the use of specific lighting to ensure that the colours we choose are correct.  Swatches of the fabric colours that we select will be posted to you the following day.  These are yours to keep to help you with your subsequent purchases.

Please bring with you a selection of clothes that you are unsure about.  By the end of our consultation you will begin to see for yourself whether they should have a place in your wardrobe.








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