Effortless Style

Do you need a little (or alot) of help with your wardrobe?

Are your wardrobes and drawers bursting at the seams and yet you have absolutely nothing to wear?

Do you like your clothes but wish that they would wear out as you long for a change?

Have you had a change of lifestyle; suddenly in the work place, sitting pretty with a promotion or revelling in retirement?

Do your clothes, all of a sudden, seem to make you look drab and uninteresting?

Cleverbird is here to help YOU!

Cleverbird is all about the joy of shopping, the joy of storing and ultimately wearing clothes that enhance and inspire you. By entering into my website I know that you have a curiosity and an interest in colour and style and a desire to make a few changes; if not great changes!

Cleverbird offers FOUR STEPS to help you look your very best and feel comfortable in your own skin.

With the aid of Step one (style consultation) shopping immediately becomes easier and less expensive.  Undertstanding your own personal style, proportions and body line helps you immediately identify garments and outfits that flatter when walking into a large daunting store.  This certainly takes the pressure out of shopping.

Step two (colour analysis) goes hand in hand with Step one (style consultation) making shopping even easier still! Knowing that certain colours will give you sparkle and a lift enables you to choose confidently so that you have less clothes hidden at the back of your wardrobe.  Style consultation, together  with colour analysis provides a winning combination.

If you want to be extremely savvy and money conscious it is a good idea to go along with Step three, Cleverbird’s wardrobe cleanse; checking for fabulous, flattering clothes that already lurk in your wardrobe.  Change a few buttons, alter a jacket with the aid of a reputable seamstress and you could save yourself a fortune.

 Check my Needles and Pins tab for ideas on how to store and care for your clothes. As all  clothing will be carefully chosen they should be stored in a way to keep them at their premium.

Finally, if you haven’t had enough of me there is step four when we hit the shops together!

Hope to see you soon!

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  1. This particular article, “Effortless Style – Cleverbird” shows the fact
    that you know just what exactly you r talking about! I really 100
    % agree. With thanks ,Victoria

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