Go collar-less


Dispense with the collar and opt for simple lines when dressing with style for work.  Trying to persuade collars to work together can often be unrewarding and time consuming.  You own a blouse/shirt that would look just perfect with the certain jacket in your wardrobe but what to do with the two collars?!  Quite often they both have their own particular style or they refuse to lie well together.  The answer? Go collar-less.  There are some quite stunning collarless jackets and coats around this season that will reduce early morning ‘collar trauma’.  They look fabulous with simple, silk tops underneath and allow more room for manoeuvre with accessories. Bold earring and collars can some times be a little too much.





























Remember to think carefully about the choice of top underneath the chosen jacket -whether you require a tone on tone effect or a direct contrast; whether your choice should be cool or warm.

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