Headbands are back!

Fashion goes round and round in circles and suprise, suprise headbands are back on trend despite becoming an item of mockery in the 80′s. The ‘new’ trend bands are gorgeous I have to say and will look very eyecatching in the evening with a simple black or navy dress. Take note, this seasons headband is worn in a ‘certain’ way so browse the following images to inspire yourself.










The Dolce and Gabbana look has been adopted this season; hair being parted in the middle and the band worn back towards the crown of the head.  These images remind me of Anne Boleyn  or Jane Seymour……….



For a more ‘gentle’ look try these options.
















For a diverse selection of headbands try johhny-loves-rosie.  If you would like to be a little bit more creative you can have a go at making your very own D and G band.  Take a look at this link!







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