The importance of colour



Colour is a very beautiful and useful tool.

Colour has long been connected and attributed to varying emotions, states of mind and wellbeing.  To be green with envy, sad and blue or indeed ‘in the pink’ are very clear indications of how we associate with colour.

red velvet


Colour analysis with Cleverbird, however, centres around the colours that suit you and your specific colouring; whether you are predominately, warm or cool, light or dark, clear or soft.  Indeed most people’s colours can be finely tuned into a lovely combination of three specific elements.  You may be initially a ‘light’ colour type that suits cool colours with a vibrant quality for example.

An appointment with me will help you fine tune your colour choices.

Why should I bother?

Wearing the correct colours for you makes an instant difference.  When you spot someone in the street and you think ‘WOW’ and you turn around to watch chances are they are in the ‘right colours’ for them.  Wearing colours that flatter instantly make you appear fresh faced, young and vibrant.  Colours that are a little ‘off key’ for you can be immediately draining, making your skin seem dull and a little drawn.

Once you have discovered the colours that are ‘good for you’ it is then important to know how to wear them.  Let me explain. Although a light navy features in the colour spectrum for a ‘light’ colour type it would not be advisable to wear it up close to the face.  This will become obvious when you book for your colour appointment.

Colours and textures are, of course, all important when dressing to suit your body shape.  Colours are very good at masking and enhancing the silhouette.  It is good to know how to adapt your range of colours.


Finally, I hear so many of my customers say ‘Oh I can’t wear red, blue, yellow……’

Each colour features in every colour chart but the undertone, depth and clarity will all vary accordingly.  Come and see for yourself.

colour chart style