Still in a Downton frame of mind (see my article under Fashion Trends) and still bubbling with excitement at the 1920’s approach to body shape and fluid fabrics I have found a few gorgeous things for you in the Jigsaw shop.









The 1920’s style particularly flatters those with a boyish shape (not much, waist, chest and hip to speak of) and those with fantastic shoulders but smaller hips.

The effortless fabrics can also flatter those with a more apple type shape as they tend to skim rather than hug. This long line airy jacket style streamlines all ladies with joyous, happy middles!

Are you apple shaped?? Bet you have  great legs. It almost goes without saying! 20’s style tunics can emphasise a great leg! There are some fantastic tights/stockings/leggings on the market. Take time to hunt around and make the most of one of your best features.










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