La Perla everyday!

I am not a fan of T.shirt bras.  I have bought them in the past at twenty something pounds a go……………hmmmmmm.  I agree they were affordable and looked initially pretty.  However, after a few washes, I felt decidedly deflated!  The fabric looked unappealing and a little scruffy.  I felt ordinary.  I have to say, in defence of my unappealing bras, I did not wash them with loving care – they were £20 and my life was hurried.

With a little more financial outlay and a little more tenderness in the laundry department you can have every day underwear that can bring out the best in you, even on a taxing day!









These little gems are from the La Perla Basic Sophia range and cost from £79.00 to £19.00 and come in white, pink and black. Bras are available in a variety of styles and knickers may be brazilian, briefs or strings.





I love this little option – but it does come in at a little more expensive…..

Brassiere in beige, white or black – £220.00

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