Minimo – Buxton Derbyshire


I have spent many a happy hour in this shop; to me it is a real jewel, full of interesting designs.  Minimo stocks a number of labels; Sandwich Vero Moda, Great Plains, Noa Noa, B-Young, Bohemia and Fransa.

By ‘mixing up’ these labels, putting a little Noa Noa with a little Great Plains,  it is possible to achieve quite a creative look and find out who you really are.  The staff are always on hand to give an opinion and if you go in often enough they will begin to recognize  your personal likes and dislikes; very useful when you are short on time.

Prices, I think, are affordable. After all, if you are shopping here I think you are after a ‘find’ not just a piece of casual day wear.  Minimo encourages you to fall in love  with your clothes. Many of the clothes that I have loved for years have been purchased in Minimo. Here is a gorgeous picture of Kate, a lovely, stylish lady who shops in Minimo.  I took her photo as she looks very ‘colour me beautiful’!

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