I am always on the search for the most perfect perfume.  A line from ‘In a lonely place’ , a noir novel by Dorothy B Hughes just about sums it up for me.  The main man Dixon Steele describes Laurel’s perfume as the smell of skin.

To me, perfume should smell like skin; deep, warm and part of your own being.  I get close to this with Mitsouko by Guerlain – but it is Mitsouko at about five hours old that I like!……tricky to wear during the day but dabbed on subtly at 3pm in the afternoon and I am ready for a romantic night at 8pm!

Maybe….I fell in love with the story line of Mitsouko.  It holds the story of a beautiful married Japanese woman who falls for a British Officer during the 1905 Russo-Japanese war.  Mitsouko possesses great dignity despite the tragedy of her love affair.  Not suprisingly I have to feel strong and chic to wear this one.  My all time favourite every day scent must be Shalimar Initial – a fresher version of the original Shalimar.

For me story lines are an important layer when choosing a perfume and this is why I fell for Chanel no.5.  Watch the video and dream of being admired from afar.


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