Often clients have the idea that embracing colour involves filling their wardrobe with a rainbow of hues from reds, pinks and oranges through to blues and purples.

Not true.

Embracing colour involves deciphering the shades that suit and then adopting only those that complete your personality. Some people really enjoy having a very finely tuned wardrobe of say one definite colour and a monochrome base of three or four shades; for example cherry red with grey, black and pure white.

Monochrome base colours are just as important to match as the more vivid shades.

Armani’s Autumn/Winter 2016-17 collection encapsulates all the above!


The two above images show how sophisticated and effective neutral colours can be.

With this garment just a touch of pink has been added to the monochrome jacket

How fabulous pale pink and black look as a change from the usual combination of black and white or cream and white.


If you have decided to limit your colour range it is always a good idea to have one luxurious outfit that adds a dash more colour.

Armani is my new best friend for Autumn/Winter!