More than spots and stripes

Animal prints are very a la mode for Aut/Win 2012.  I think on discovering this my heart sank a little, imagining oodles of leopard print everywhere, trying to imagine myself in this look with all the assumptions that go with it..  I have researched and dug deep and been very pleasantly surprised; my favourite top actually being the often dubious leopard print.  Here it is courtesy of Hobbs.

Hobbs Betsy cardigan £79.00

I am orderlng it as I type.  I hope you enjoy the selection of animal prints coming your way.

Joules Elsie cardi £69.95

New Look Owl Jumper £44.99

Hobbs Cute owl tee now £29.00

Hobbs rabbit tee £35.00

Aubin&Wills Portland jumper £125.00

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