New Year; New You


Step bravely in to the New Year!

Step bravely in to the sales.

Ensure that you make a list of all items that you really need to buy in the sales; budget, be firm (and then leave a little cash in the bottom of your purse for those crazy purchases that you just must have!).

There are some items that are really worth investing in.  Why? Because they will take you through season after season and never date.  Wardrobe staples, I guess. The following items will continue on into spring/summer 2012

A good camel coat (oh I sound like my grandmother!)

But seriously, if you have a little of the ‘classic’ in you this would be a great buy.  A think the modern day classic lady always has a fashion twist and flare of her own so don’t be afraid to buy this piece, merely add scarves, brooches and beads to ‘edge it up’ a bit. Roll the cuffs a little, turn up the collar et voila…..If you can’t quite ‘go’ the camel coat then certainly a plaid trench or coat is a must.  This will never date and will take you right through the seasons especially if you live in the hills.  Take a look at the Burberry sales for a well- considered purchase or just to gain a few ideas. If you purchased one of the beautiful winter pastel coats then you can relax. Pastel outerwear is a big part of the coming Spring.








A metallic dress.

The metallic look will continue but I prefer something a little more, gentle, a little more iridescent.  I have really fallen in love with a small sequin mini by All Saints.

It looks so sumptuous and in my imagination I wear it with a black polo neck, black hosiery, black shoes so that all of the attention is on the little skirt.  I really want that skirt!   And, ok, if I can’t have that one, I want THESE shorts (also All Saints). For more ideas when scouring the sales take a quick look at Dior Spring/summer – some beautiful iridescent fabrics on show there.


Leather was very big this past Autumn, appearing deadly in navy, dark greys and, of course, black.  It created a very sophisticated, vampish look.  Hunt out leather in simplistic lines (see Maxmara) or go for the traditional, epitomized by Belstaff.  They have a sale at present.  Even the sale prices make me gasp but in reality you would wear your Belstaff for the rest of your life.  It would never let you down.  Parisian chic may lead you to wear your leather over a classic cocktail dress or ballgown.  Any thing goes with leather; it is all about your own personal interpretation.

Capes and peplums

Capes will continue, as will peplums.  Hurray! A peplum works wonders for most women; whether trying to create a waist or trying to give the appearance of hips.  Here are Dior’s take on Spring time peplums.








Animal prints

Hunt out more cute owls and foxes.  They are still on the prowl. Try the sale at Aubin and Wills or Orla Kiely .  Nature prints come into force in Spring and Summer so all of your animals will not look out of place.  I absolutely adore this silk skirt by Oscar de la Renta, this satin clutch by Alexander McQueen and all of the intriguing summer designs by Chanel that look like a shower of pollen.







If you can spot garments of heavy brocade in the lighter colours of coral, yellow or orange you will sail right into Dolce and Gabbana  Summer style.








But either way, brocade will never date.  It is timeless and if worn with assurance it will be your best friend for a long time.


The more I study Spring/Summer 2013 the more I see stripes; they are EVERYWEAR!! – from diminutive to big deckchair stripes a la D&G.  I love this simple line dress by Dior.  The stripes do all the work!


Now, in case you can’t spot me in Summer 2013, this is what I will be wearing.  It is so lovely – I will be a complete basket case but I will be happy!


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