Pearl alert!

Are you planning a New Year wardrobe clearout??

Stop before you throw out your pearls (whether fake or real).  Pearls are huge on the Chanel scene, the bigger the better.


I am wondering how many of you will actually have pearls the size of conkers in your accessories box…….You could, however, create the same feel by layering many strands of pearls together.  Over the years I have collected pearls from auctions, second hand shops and charity shops and I will attempt to recreate my own Chanel look.

Do you remember those big plastic beads that used to ‘pop’ together to form necklaces of all lengths? I may be showing my age now but I distinctly remember these brightly coloured ‘popping beads’….I suppose what I am trying to say is chunky beads, whether, plastic, ceramic or wooden would all achieve a similar end result….But I do love the glamour of these pearls.  A note of warning – wear them with clean lines to prevent overload on romance!

Another take on the large pearl! Here Chanel have scattered them over simple lines as falling blossom or pollen- all very pretty and refreshing.  You can track down  pearl beads of differing sizes from all good haberdashers and most certainly on line.  They would look lovely sewn onto a white or cream cashmere sweater that had almost had its day!

Spring is on its way!!

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