Secret delights at the Guerlain counter




From time to time, well quite a lot of the time, I yearn for nostalgia, romance and  tales of unrequited, tragic love.  I have vivid memories of my Grandmother’s dressing table, neatly laid with embossed silver hairbrushes, decorative powder compacts, elegant lipsticks and hidden love letters.  Times change and time moves on but such is the intoxication of my memory that I never leave John Lewis without a surreptitious look at the Guerlain counter; I say surreptitious as I feel like a naughty child running my hands over my Grandmother’s expensive perfume bottles.

Guerlain is perfect for all who like a personal scent and the most beautifully adorned dressing table. To me, Guerlian are the Gods of the perfume world, each creation truly individual, each one telling a story.  If you research their perfume range you will indeed find that each one has a story; tragic love affair, passion set in India, a dalliance with the Impressionists and stories of Sultans and their beautiful daughters.  I am transported! Many, like Shalimar have been around since 1925; so cleverly crafted that they hold true to their form long after being applied.

The bottles too are works of art, a Mitsouko bottle has its own distinctive outline, one that speaks of nostalgic pride. I love the honey comb effect on the newer bottle design, so luxurious.







On Saturday I was busy stroking the bottles when I was pleasantly interrupted by Sharon the Manager of the Guerlain counter at John Lewis, Cheadle (she did not seem put off by my strange behaviour!) I talked rapturously about my love affair with Mitsouko and Shalimar Initial and whilst listening to my rantings she steered me onto the Aqua Allegoria range, all decorated with a golden honeycomb and all much lighter in weight.  Sharon really understood the construction of her perfumes and presented me with Pamplelune a fresh scent that was perfect on my skin. It includes notes of grapefruit, bergamot, blackcurrant, petitgrain, patchouli and vanilla and is altogether delicious and fresh.

I was impressed by her knowledge and love of the Guerlain products and booked in for a make up session with her the following week.

Take a look at my report on this makeup session in my GREAT FINDS section.

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