Sewing on a button

Sewing on a button is not a complex procedure.

Step 1: You will need

•    1 button
•    some thread
•    1 needle
•    1 pair of scissors
•    1 thimble

Step 2: Buttons
If you don’t have the button that fell off, get one that matches the other buttons as closely as possible. Manufacturers often supply a spare button with the garment, so use this if you can. If you can’t find a button to match you may have to replace all of the buttons

Step 3: Needle and thread HANDY HINT
Use a thin needle, and a thread which matches the material.

Cut a length of thread roughly as long as your arm. Wet one end of the thread to smooth the fibers together, push it through the hole at the top of the needle, and pull halfway through.

If you are sewing through really tough material like denim, use a thimble to push the needle through without hurting your fingers.

Step 4: Put on the button
Find the place where the button was attached. There will probably be a mark where it was sewn on.

Push the threaded needle right through the reverse side, and then back again. Pass the needle up through the eye of the button, down through another hole and back into the material. Don’t pull the stitch too tightly.

Step 5: Leave some space
Lift the button a little to create a small gap between it and the material, you will need this gap when it comes to fasten the button. Sew through the material and button, and back again, maintaining the space between the button and material. Repeat this a few times.

If you have a four holed button, move on to sew through the other two holes.

Step 6: Wind around
To keep the button raised a little, sew up through the material, but not through the button. Then wind the thread around the stitches attaching the button to the garment about 6 times– this tube of thread you’ve created is called the ‘neck’. Wrap around one more time and pass the needle through the loop to create a knot

Step 7: Cast off
Finish by passing the needle to the reverse side of the material and tying a knot. Finally bring the needle back through the material, but not through the button. Snip it off as close to the material as possible.

Step 8: Check
Fasten the button to check your handiwork.

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