Shoes made for walking.

Comfortable feet.

2013 is the year of comfortable feet (or so I think).  I used to believe that a choice had to be made between comfort and style, I could not have both.  A whole day sightseeing in Paris meant sacrificing all of my artistic flair for a set of canvas pumps or even walking boots!( not quite the look when visiting the Louvre..).  This year however, there seems to be an influx of gorgeous little flatties, particularly with the whole brogue thing continuing from 2012.

See what you think to this selection.  Remember, if you get the socks and the skirt length right you can wear your brogues with bare legs, shorts even.











White Stuff











Love these



















The following are a little more dressy but I can just about lower my comfort stakes for a day sight-seeing!

Chie Mihara




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