The Fine Art of Shopping for Clothes


Shopping for clothes and shoes can seem a little daunting, especially when, in the back of your mind you know that you have wardrobe full to bursting with clothes.


Shopping trips turn into frustrating hours when you have no idea what suits you and yet you are plagued with the knowledge that you have wearable clothes at home.


Let’s think about these clothes.  Firstly, would you be shopping at this precise moment if your current wardrobe satisfied all your clothing needs?  Why are you bored or discontent with the garments within?


It could be that you have lost or gained weight.  It could be that you have moved from being a funky 40 into a more elegant 50 (or visa versa).  It could be that the clothes you own never really did ‘hit the spot’.  This is more likely.  We are all guilty of making a quick buy, a less than perfect buy and then purchasing yet more ‘near misses’ in order to justify the failing item.

This is the real reason why we all have endless clothes with nothing to wear.


So, how to rectify this problem.


It is essential to know which colours are good to you.  Believe me when I say this must be your first goal – to reach an understanding of the colour spectrum.  Brown is not just brown and blue is not just blue.  To say that blue suits you is a sweeping generalization.  I can wear cobalt blue very well but I look ill in turquoise.

The correct colour will bring you alive, hide wrinkles and make your skin glow.  The wrong colour will drain you and years to your face.

To re cap; if you found your most perfect dream coat but in the wrong colour you would not purchase under any circumstance.  If it does not tally with your colour chart it does not get the green light!  In less than 6 months you will regret that purchase.


With your carefully selected colours in hand you next task is to understand your body shape and opt for clean, simple lines that do your figure justice.  Why simple lines?

Clean and simple lines simplify the contents of your wardrobe and make co-ordination much easier.  Use accessories, shoes and scarves to add interest.

Too much clutter on a person is very confusing and a little ageing.

The simple lines in your wardrobe may differ greatly from mine.  Your legs may be longer, your waist shorter and your breasts larger. But simple lines still reign supreme for an easy life.


A simple charcoal, French navy or true black top in a clean cut style can look fantastic with some well chosen statement earrings or sunglasses.  Choose the best sunglasses you can afford – they always add value to an outfit.


Struggling with makeup?


First opt for a lipstick in the most flattering shade for you.  When choosing a shade you will need to take into account skin tone, hair colour and your own personality.  Take time to choose- a long time -  for the wrong lipstick can ruin an outfit.  Try on endless shades and do not be worried about upsetting the assistant behind the counter.  You are the customer after all. In your colour consultation with me we will certainly cover your personal makeup selection.

You can go a long way with the most perfect lipstick and the most divine sunglasses.

Book a colour consultation today.  It is the absolute foundation to looking good.


Here’s to a gorgeous, tempting and totally ‘you’ wardrobe!


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