The feel good factor of wool

I took this wool article from the Makepiece web page. Not only is fine wool cosy to wear it fits the feminine form far better that any jersey fabric or lycra.  Not sure? Nip down to Makepiece in Buxton and have a try on – there is no pressure to buy.  I love the fact that wool is stain resistant but also that it is biodegradable! Of course it is! But I had never really considered that factor before…………….


Why wool?

Sustainable and lovely!

British wool is a fibre with a clean conscience.  Wool is sustainable – with relatively few environmental issues compared to intensively farmed cotton or petrochemical based materials.

When farmed in the UK we can safely say that there’s proper animal protection and employment rights, not to mention a minimum of road miles from sheep to shop.  Recent legislation limits chemicals that can be used in farming to a minimum.


Wool is natural and easy to wear – it breathes and doesn’t get clammy.  In fact, wool can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in water without feeling damp.


At the end of its useful life, wool is fully biodegradeable.



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