Tips for Storing Clothes

Once you have learnt all about your own personal style and become aquainted with the colours and tones that flatter you, you will begin to build a fabulous wardrobe, creating a style and look personal to you.  This may take time as you begin to choose carefully and thoughtfully; often clothing will need to be stored to be worn next season, especially if you learn to ‘work’ the sales to your advantage.  Here are some tips to keep your clothes fresh and in pristine condition.



10 Top Tips For Storing Clothes

  1. Cleanliness: Dry clean and wash, EVERYTHING before it gets packed away
  1. Storage: Pack clothes away in a breathable container packed in acid free tissue or an old pillowcase for example. Don’t leave in plastic or exposed to sunlight.

    Organic Cotton Srorage Bag

    Check as you are going along that you really want to keep the item.  If you love it but are just not wearing it at the moment, keep it.  I have items that are 15 years old and still come out of the closet from time to time.

  2. Anti-Moth: Refresh your out of date anti moth products, throw them away if they have been in the wardrobe more than a year, re-fill lavender bags. There are some lovely wardrobe accessories scented with May Chang, Lavender and Cedar wood; moths dislike all of these!

    Liberty Lavender Bags

    They do, however, love perfume, food stains and sweat. Do not scent your wardrobe with a spray of perfume and ensure clothes put back into the wardrobe for another day are clean.

  3. Spring clean the wardrobe and drawers for the new seasons clothes, take everything out, wash dust and vacuum, light candles and throw the windows open! From time to time I lay out the contents of the wardrobe on my bed for the day.  Moths dislike light.
  4. Hangers: Get the right hangers for the right job, all the same hangers make your wardrobe look like a boutique and if the garments are all level they are a lot easier to see, try the rubber covered non slip hanger or the little chinese knots to present tops from slipping into the bottom of the wardrobe! Choose wooden hangers and do not layer item upon item on one hanger.  It will crush the clothes and you will not remember the garments hidden away.
  5. Shoes and boots: Polish and clean shoes and boots, take to the menders then put in the boot trees and shoe trees and shoe puffs, to keep their shape.
  6.  Repairs and maintenance: If any buttons have fallen off, zips broken, hems fallen down, or clothes that don’t quite fit anymore take them immediately to be altered and repaired. Don’t leave anything in the wardrobe that needs something doing to it, chances are it will not be worn. Always keep a little sewing kit in the bottom of the wardrobe.

    Merchant & Mills Repair Kit

    Sewing on a button is just not that difficult.

  7. Style: Employ the services of a personal/colour stylist to up date your existing wardrobe, a fresh eye will put different items together for a fresh look.  Quite often you will have the makings of a good, comprehensive wardrobe tucked away underneath the layers of acquired clothes.  This is always the case when I complete a wardrobe cleanse for customers.  You will be surprised!

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