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If you fancy escaping your home to explore ‘the new you’ why not visit me in Buxton and immerse yourself in my collection of style books; magazines; style questionnaires, colour swatches and a whole heap of fresh, new image ideas.

I am happy to provide tea/coffee/fizz and a selection of biscuits to aid thoughtful but free thinking!

This is a good opportunity to let go of all misconceptions you may have about yourself and how you should look .   At the end of the half day session you will have your own, new, personal style firmly fixed in your mind and a selection of colour swatches that make you look young and vibrant.

Prices begin at £240. This includes a style guide personal to you and a wallet of colour swatches to help you shop confidently.

Please call or email to arrange this enjoyable Cleverbird session.


I look forward to hearing from you




(trained by Colour Me Beautiful)

07725 465 339


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