Wardrobe Cleanse


In order to make room for the ‘new ’ it is often necessary to get rid of the old. Now, I am not talking about burning the contents of your wardrobe for many pieces in there are going to be essential core items that will work well with your newly acquired garments.

It is important however to reduce the amount of clothes in your possession.The very first steps towards easy, stylish dressing can be quite confusing and at this point less really is more; not because it is very chic to be minimalist but that it lessens the confusion of what goes with what!  Apparently a woman only really wears 20% of her wardrobe and that is such a waste of money.

During this session we will, together, take a close look at the contents of your wardrobe, paying particular attention to colour combining and the image you want to portray to the world. A wardrobe cleanse does not have to result in an expensive shopping trip. Often a quick change of buttons on a jacket makes it alive once more and an expert restyle, by a professional dress maker, of a much loved designer dress will ease the financial pressures of being the ‘new you’.  After tweaking the contents of your wardrobe I will return home and begin cataloging ideas and styles that are perfect for you. They will be forwarded as a PDF

3 hour session – £120