Have you noticed how every garment these days seems to be ‘dry clean only’?  I detest the smell of the dry cleaning chemicals and so my choice of clothing has been seriously reduced.

I do believe, having read hundreds of labels that the ‘dry clean only’ stamp is attached without a valid reason.  Why oh why would a crisp cotton dress require chemicals over and above a sluice of lovely warm water?


Taffeta and viscose rayon do seem to require a visit to the cleaners.  Wool skirts, trousers and suits and very delicate silks also fall into this bracket but other than that most fabrics will be fine in a cool handwash with a delicate detergent.


I must admit I am a bit of a hand wash queen.   All of my underwear, hosiery and cashmere are no stranger to my sink and Ecover or Stergene hand wash.  I enjoy the process and my treasured items do seem to last so much longer.  I wash everything inside out and with as much time and care as I can offer on the day in question.  A very short spin in a mesh bag takes away excess moisture and then I lay all items flat on a towel, usually positioned on my airer.  Never dry items on the radiator.  It will ruin elastic.

Before opting for the sink or dry cleaners do air the garment in question by an open window.  It maybe that a blast of fresh air will allow the item another outing before cleaning.  Clothes do actually last longer if not submitted to an endless cleaning process.  This is no excuse for stained and marked clothes however!


Steaming is another excellent way to refresh clothing.  Most women who are serious about collecting and maintaining beautiful clothing should own one.  They come in at about £99.00.

For more interesting information on this matter click on the following link.  You may find the customer comments at the end very interesting.


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