Winter inspiration from Miu Miu


Normally by this point in the year, and infact much earlier, I have written umpteen enthusiastic reports about Autumn/Winter collections but this year I just felt a little bored – that is until I explored the Miu Miu collection.  Throughout the summer I have ummed and aahhed about the whole theme of clashing patterns and colours; colours yes but patterns no.  I just never really felt comfortable.  But then Miu Miu bring out a spots and stripes combination and I am blown away. Stripes attract me and I just adored D&G summer collection.  This beautiful collection is like the icing on the cake – a touch of Edwardian romance with a rebellious streak!








I think this look is so simple and easy to create.





The big selling point for me is that all attention is either down on the feet or up around the face( the spotted neckties are very engaging).I think the ideas from Miu Miu are instantly wearable especially if you are feeling just a little bored and just a tad cheeky.

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