Work Shirts for women

When work requires a certain dress code things can all too soon become just a little boring – a shirt is essentially a shirt after all….. or that is what I thought until I discovered the Em&Me range of shirts.









These work shirts for women are masterpieces of compromise – they combine the crisp formality of the workplace, with sharp collars and cuffs, and yet maintain an ingenious feminine softness with the used of fluid viscose jersey.

In an odd way, they remind me of wearing school uniform whilst adding an individual touch – femininity breaking through the confines of rules and regulations!

I particularly like this double layer shirt.  It is very flattering for all who do NOT possess an hourglass shape; lovely for columns or rectangle shapes.


The jersey fabrics used are flattering for the hourglass shape as they drape to the soft contours and the colours are just divine.  Why wear white when these tender blush and grey colours are available?

For those of you who require a definite show of dazzling white (perhaps you are a clear colour type) then this pleated bib design is certainly less than boring.

With all of these shirts detail is of the essence.  This particular shirt has been designed with a longer cuff to add interest when layering.


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