Sewing kit


A needles and pins section would not be complete without a look at the Merchant and Mills website – an English company that sells a fascinating array of traditional sewing equipment, from shiny, neat lace pins to tape measures, safety pins and scissors from Sheffield.  Simple fabrics and patterns are also available.

My favourite is the oil skin sewing kit.  It contains the exact basics to quickly repair your garments.  I keep mine in the bottom of my wardrobe so that I know exactly where it is when a button drops off a shirt at the last minute!

I would not be at all surprised if, after viewing the Merchant and Mills site, you were tempted to make your own clothes.  Everything you need is available to you, lovely cardboard patterns that are durable – no more fighting with ridiculously thin tissue paper – and a small selection of fabrics that vary in weight.  Take a look at the sewing box which contains dressmaking basics.  With the right tools you can achieve anything!

Hand made clothes are coming back into fashion and the art of creating a well finished garment is in the pressing; not ironing, but pressing.  There is a difference.  Unsure? Check my article on ‘the iron’.

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