Your unique body

Before beginning the journey to find your own personal style it is important to know your body; to understand your body shape, whether you have strong shoulders, a curvaceous line, a small elfin shape and so on.   It is only when you are well aquainted with the length of your waist, size of your hips, length of leg etc that you will begin to make the correct choices.

For example a person who is challenged in the leg department would not particularly look at her best in cropped trousers and a woman with a short waist would do well to choose a longer length top.

The internet is littered with advice on determining your body type so take a look if you are unsure.  My little diagram below may help.  Whilst fully trained in this area I prefer to concentrate on colour.  Whatever your body shape correct colour choice should be your main concern.  It can slim down areas, enhance others and add essential personality to your unique wardrobe. A lady with a traditional pear shape would look at her very best with darker colours on the lower half and her favourite colours on the top and an in-depth understanding of your colours can lead to fabulous colour and print combinations that make you instantly recognisable.



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