Your very own Downton

I ignored Downton Abbey when it first came out, reluctant to be tied into watching a series. But I soon became entranced by the clothing and costumes, the subtle changes in fashion and the luxury of the fabrics. My eldest daughter and I have played ‘catch up’ watching an episode a night and so the fashions move forward at a very quick pace.  How much more beautiful the women look once the style of the 20’s takes hold; elegantly draped fabrics are so much more flattering that figure squeezing corsets.  The same is true of fashions today.  If you are a larger, more curvaceous lady it is better to drape fabric than to squeeze into spandex and all of these horrendous bits of body enveloping underwear that is supposed to make you look slimmer. Armani Fall/Winter 2013 has some gorgeous ideas but with a much more modern twist.  I am slim but have no chest to speak of so I am taking very good notes from this 20’s inspired collection.  May be I will get out the sewing machine…………..

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